Saturday, 27 September 2014

Blogtember Day 27: My Latest Fashion Wish List

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to promote any of these products, I'm writing this as part of the Blogtember Challenge.
Hi honeys,
I'm sorry this post is a little (lot) late today, but I worked a late shift tonight, so I'm just home and wanted to post this while it's still day 27 :)  We're now on to the last few days of the Blogtember Challenge & it's kinda sad because I've really enjoyed taking part.  So huge extra squeezy thank you hugs to the lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love for organizing it, it's been wonderful!

So, today's prompt was: Sept 27th: What's on your wish list? Be sure to include links so we can shop, too ;)  OK, time for some retail therapy honeys :) Now, if you've read any of my blog you'll know I don't go out much, work & hospital appointments are about it, so I tend to do my clothes shopping from George at Asda because 1. it's where we grocery shop & 2. I love their clothes :)

So, here it is, this is my wish list :)

Friday, 26 September 2014

Blogtember Challenge Day 26: How I've changed in the past year

Hello honeys,
Well, here we are in the last few days of the Blogtember Challenge. It's been a lot of fun & also the first time since I started this blog in late January of this year, that I've tried to blog every day, which although challenging at times, I've actually really enjoyed.  Thank you so much to the lovely Bailey Jean for organizing a whole month full of writing prompts for us to follow. Do visit her blog, Brave Love, and say hello honeys x

So, todays prompt is:  Sept 26th: How have you changed in the past year?

This is a really interesting prompt.  On first reading, I immediately thought, well I haven't, but of course we all do. In my case, after a little thought, I can think of a couple of areas I've changed, maybe even improved in :)

1. Writing

I'm blogging.  I've always written honeys, but never in the organized, structured way that blogging has encouraged me to.  I'm not just writing, I'm writing regularly.  Blogging has given me something to focus on, to channel my creativity (such as it is lol) into. Best of all, I can use it to document our work in organizing our home.

I was in the break room recently at work, scribbling a few notes into my always present tiny notebook (you never know when a new blog post idea will pop up) when a co-worker asked me what I was doing. I told him I was scribbling some notes for a blog post & he said "are you a blogger? that's so cool!"  You know what honeys? It is cool, it's very cool & I love it x

2.  Organizing

We've always been packrats :) We've collected too much stuff throughout our married life and earlier this year we decided we were fed up with the clutter. So, we're now more focused on creating some kind of order through organizing our home.  It's not an overnight process though unfortunately, but we'll get there eventually & with hubby on board too, at least I know I'll have a giggle along the way :)

3. Coping

Finally, and this is a little personal but I promise honeys, this is not an invitation to a pity party. Those I don't do.  Over the past year or so I've been forced to admit to myself that I'm not as able as I used to be.  I've been battling chronic illness for over 15 years, and that whole time I've tried to keep living as if there's nothing wrong.  I suppose I thought I could fool myself, not let it beat me.

Well, I can't seem to fool myself anymore. I get tired very easily, to the point of being flat out drained after my two shifts at work each week. One of my biggest fears is not being able to work, or of my employers seeing how tired being there makes me and taking my job away. 

So I've had to become very adept at hiding when I'm tired.  At least while I'm there.  Life seems to always be a series of "trade offs."  Which irritates me if I'm honest.  If I want to have a chance of getting through my shifts at work, I now have to completely rest for a day or so before and I'm left so drained for a day (s) after.  I dislike this intensely, that in order to keep working I'm forced to give up other things, for example there are so many things I'd love to be getting on with at home, but simply don't have the energy. 

I need to find a better way to cope, I do feel like the arthritis is starting to get the better of me, and I simply can't allow that.  Sometimes I'm very thankful for my stubborn nature, it's what keeps me going.  Home is my "safe place." when I'm home I can just be me and don't have to worry that anyone sees how tired I am.

Till tomorrow dear ones, sending heaps of hugs your way xx

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Blogtember Day 24: Fall Bucket List

Hi Honeys,
Apologies for this being a day late, but I can't seem to get images to upload onto blogger anymore.  You wouldn't believe what I had to go through to get the image below uploaded! Additionally, I can't edit anymore, so the spacing & line breaks etc are all over the place, it's infuriating! I'm so sorry of this looks a mess, I really am. I don't have any control over it anymore, it's a battle even to get it to publish :/  I think the time may have come for me to start thinking about moving my blog honeys :/

So, on to (the slightly late) day 24 of the blogtember challenge, today's prompt is: Sept 24th: Your fall bucket list. What do you want to do before winter rolls around?

I hate to sound really boring but all of the things I want to have done before winter arrives involve organizing projects around our home :)

We're still de-cluttering, still finding treasures (& memories) from through the years, along with a whole lot of "what on earth did we keep this for?" stuff  :)  We do have a few projects planned, though how many of them we actually accomplish before the end of the year, we'll see.  That's the great thing though honeys, whatever we don't get done, we'll start on again after the holidays :)

It would be fabulous to just twitch my nose & have it all done & dusted (did anyone else adore "Bewitched" as a child?) but we can only do what we can do I suppose, with life & work getting in the way at times.  So, one of the things I'd like done is the cupboard in the back bedroom, which right now is full of boxes. I'd like to organize this and have an actual clothes closet.

I know honeys, I've been spending too long on Pinterest again :) But there is a cupboard with great potential being wasted housing boxes of stuff that haven't been opened in years, and I have no room for my clothes & shoes dammit :) Hee hee :)

There is also some work still needing done in the kitchen. We're hoping to install a new worktop for instance, and we've new shelves (still in their boxes in the back cupboard) to put up in there too.  That being said, I'm quite pleased with what we've managed to do so far, there is now a designated baking cupboard for instance, which holds my assorted baking trays & silicone bakeware we've managed to collect. I love silicone bakeware! It's so easy to use & a breeze to clean :)

We made a good start on the cupboard under the stairs last weekend & threw lots of "why on earth did we keep this?" stuff out :) We're hoping to get it finished this weekend & maybe make a start on the back bedroom which we're switching from having a single bed to a double, so that might mean (hubby) tweaking the furniture placement a little :)

I'm hoping to share our little organizing projects as we get them done honeys but right now blogger doesn't want to allow me to upload images, I'll need to find a way around that, or (and this is scary) try to figure out how to move my blog :/

I hope you're having a great week honeys, till next time, sending heaps of hugs your way xxx

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Decluttering: What to do with old or broken electrical items

Hello honeys!
I hope everyone's well & having a great start to the week.  As I said (very) late last night, as much fun as the Blogtember Challenge has been, and it really has, I've been keeping up at the expense of my own "Rosie" posts I'm afraid.  So I thought today I'd write an organizing post.

Apologies though, because this should have been published yesterday, but I had a "flarey" day with awful spine & shoulder pain, so today I'm determined to at least try to catch up.


How to recycle electrical items

I wondered if anyone else has ever wondered what on earth to do with their old or broken electrical appliances?  I know that I certainly have.  Of course we have two very different categories of items, but there are many ways to de-clutter both old & broken things.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Blogtember Challenge Day 22: A Few of My Favourite Fabulous Blogs

Hi honeys
This has to be one of my favourite prompts so far in the Blogtember Challenge. Sept 22nd: Introduce us to 5 blogs you read on the regular, and tell us why!   Thank you to the lovely Bailey Jean at Brave Love for organizing this Blogtember Challenge.  All of the prompts have been fun, some challenging but this one is just wonderful! What a great way to share the love, so here are a few of my favourite fabulous blogs.

I really do love this prompt! It's so great to be able to recommend some of the places I love to go hang out. Places that inspire me & make me smile (even on not so great days.) The only problem I had was to only pick five! Here they are though, some of my favourite wonderful, fabulous, beautiful blogs, do visit & say hello.  Let's all share the love honeys xx

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Blogtember Challenge Day 21: Fall Favourites

Hello again honeys
Apologies for the lateness, I'm only just making it on time for day 21 of the Blogtember Challenge, with many thanks to the lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love for organizing this month's prompts. It's been such fun to take part :) I've been so drained today, but I wanted to post.

So today's prompt is: Sept 21st: Fall Favorites. What do you love most about this season?

OK, I have a confession... I've never liked this time of year. It makes me sad because summer is over and we're rolling (too fast) towards winter.  I'm entirely a Spring & Summer person so autumn & Winter have to be tolerated in order to get to Spring Summer again. I dislike the cold, and the dark. In Scotland it can be dark before 4pm and doesn't get light in the mornings till after 9am at times.

That much darkness for months on end can suck the life out of a person, I need sunshine. What can I say, the stork obviously delivered me to the wrong place, I should have been delivered somewhere warm & tropical where I could hang out laundry all year long :)  So, what can I find about autumn that I do like? 

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Blogtember Challenge Day 20: A Day in the Life of Rosie

Hello honeys :)
It's a real dreich day here, it's raining outside, a little chilly, & the skies are so grey :/ We do however, thankfully, have the Blogtember Challenge to be getting on with, organized by the lovely Bailey Jean at Brave Love.  Today's prompt is:  Sept 20th: Share a day in the life. Pictures, timelines, stats, however you like.

I've been thinking how I can describe an average day in my life for you, without causing you to nod off for a nap :) My life is, on the face of it, quite dull really, but I do love it.  OK, so fetch a pillow and blanket just in case, and here we go :)